Dry Skin Brushing For Perfect Skin

Brushing your skin with a dry brush is an excellent way to improve the appearance of your skin. If you have acne, this brushing will help to eliminate toxins through the skin and reduce the toxins that accumulate in your acne.

Brushing your skin while dry and just before taking a shower is a way to stimulate the flow of liquid through lymphatic system and increase the circulating of blood. It also has other benefits:
  • Removes and brushes away dry dead cells that can clog your skin
  • Opens pores to allow you to excrete more toxins safely
  • Activates the nerves near the top of your skin, making your skin work better
  • It stimulates the tiny blood vessels near your skin and brings more nutrients and acid neutralizing minerals to your skin
  • Improves your overall health since the skin eliminates up to 2 pounds of waste through your pores.
If you practice dry brushing your skin, you will see improved beauty and health in your skin.

There are two different types of brushes that are designed for dry skin brushing.
  • A natural bristle brush
  • Loofah with a long handle
When you start brushing for the first time, do it softly and gentle until your skin gets use to the rough feeling. If you have not been brushing and scrubbing your skin, then you may have some side effects caused by stirring up toxins. Because skin brushing promotes release of toxins through the skin, you want to make sure you are not constipated, otherwise you will start to release too many toxins through the skin.

A word of caution: Brush only once a day and do not brush too hard. Excessive brushing over stimulates the skin and can produce unwanted side effects.

Here is how to dry brush your skin before you take a shower,
  • Start with gentle light touch circular motions at your face. If you have severe acne do this gently massage with a clean hot face towel and do not brush your face.
  • Always brush only in the direction of your heart. From the feet upward, brush up toward the heart. At the neck, brush downward toward the heart.
After you finish brushing, about 5 minutes, take a shower to remove the dead and old skin.

Brushing your body decreases the amount of toxins that reach your face and can help you get rid of or prevent acne.


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